Who is Medusa Ironbox?
Medusa Ironbox is Rachel Ronquillo Gray, who is, among many things: a poet, a Kundiman and Pink Door fellow, a VONA and Las Dos Brujas alum, a native Nevadan, an avid reader and TV watcher, and a maker of food. She is deeply in love with The Great British Baking Show, Nigella Lawson, and spooky movies with feminist leanings. She is currently based in Bloomington, Indiana.

What is this exactly?

Great question. Awhile ago, I wrote this sort-of manifesto about why I started this blog and what it's about. In 2018, I still co-sign everything I wrote in that manifesto. I also want to add that the best way for me to describe MedusaIronbox these days is that I write about cooking, baking, music, pop culture, and writing (indeed, I do write about writing. I try not to be obnoxious about it.). I write about process, journey, and self-care. I write about all of those things within the context of the messy shit storm of a world we live in. I write with a mind toward justice. This year, I'm working on a couple larger projects that you won't see on this blog, but I will be doing some (hopefully) fun weekly experiments here. One of them is Friday Bites. The rest are coming. Stay tuned. 

What's up with the name - Medusa Ironbox? 

Wouldn't you like to know.